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Challenge Assumptions

Enhance Objectivity

Overcoming Stereotypes

Similarity Bias

A Conversation With White People About Race

A Conversation with Latinos about Race

A Conversation with Black Women on Race

A Conversation with Navtive Americans about Race


Resource Articles

Designing a Bias-Free Organization

This article discusses the changes in workplace processes that can contribute to creating a bias free workplace

Diversity Doesn't Stick Without Inclusion

This article discusses diversity and inclusion as two distinctive factors and introduces a framework for driving inclusion in the workplace.

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance” – Verna Myers

Easing Racial Tensions at Work

This article gives background information regarding racial tension in the U.S. and how employers can help manage racial tension in the workplace.

Guess Who Doesn't Fit in at Work

A New York Times Article about Diversity.

Why Diversity Matters

This article discusses positive factors related to diversity in the workplace and employee/company performance

Google Re:Work

Excellent Resource to enhance work places

Google Re:Work Unbiasing

Re:Work concerning Workplace Bias

Additional Resources

ResourceResource TypeDescription
Leaking Talent: How People of Color are Pushed Out of Environmental OrganizationsReportDr. Stefani Johnson's report examines the factors that impact employee intent to stay in an environmental organization.
Lack of Diversity Hurts Environmental Groups' EfficacyReportProfessor Dorceta Taylor looks at diversity in environmental organizations.

How to Think Differently about Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership: Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Blog ArticleThis article discusses the leadership gap in the nonprofit sector among women and people of color and how non-profits can face the reality of racism.

White Fragility: Why It's so Hard to talk to White People about Racisim

Blog ArticleThis article by Dr. DiAngelo explains how racism is viewed and internalized within White people based on personal experiences and scientific research.

Questions for anti-racist Organizations

Blog ArticleThis article gives 5 questions for employers to evaluate themselves and create a truthful narrative in terms of diversity in the workplace values.

Intentions Don't Really Matter

Blog ArticleThis article breaks down the importance of intent versus impact regarding conversations dealing with diversity.

New research: Diversity + inclusion = Better decision making at work

Blog ArticleThis article discusses the role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace by emphasizing inclusive roles in multiple levels of the organization and utilizing diverse/inclusive teams to maximize better decision making

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Race

VideoFreelance director and filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala journeys through the topic of diversity in a 6-part image series for the New York Times.