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  • About the Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation

    The Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation (DJV) is an unincorporated partnership of federal, state, and local agencies; Native American tribes; non-profit and non-governmental organizations; associations; foundations; for-profit entities; professional societies; academic institutions; and other conservation-related organizations that work together fulfill our mission: to strengthen the conservation workforce by increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion. The current goals of the DJV are to increase the number of women and people of color in the conservation workforce.

    The DJV uses new and existing programs to support women and people of color obtain conservation-focused jobs. DJV efforts include introducing students and potential employees to the conservation field, providing resources to individuals to find internships and jobs in the conservation workforce, advising employers about recruitment and hiring practices, and supporting opportunities for career growth and development. By doing so, the DJV Partners will support conservation organizations in attracting, recruiting, and retaining a new, dynamic cadre of diverse employees whose fresh insights and perspectives will increase productivity in the conservation workplace.

  • Management Board

    The DJV is governed by a Management Board responsible for making decisions regarding partnership actions on behalf of the DJV Partners. Per the DJV Charter, to become a new member of the Management Board, an individual must be approved by a majority vote of the Board members present at a Board election meeting. Board members are solicited from the diverse array of DJV partner organizations but serve in their individual capacities. Candidates interested in becoming Board members may self-nominate, be nominated by an active Board member, or be recruited by the Management Board to fill a vacancy.

    All Board members hold dual roles: they represent their organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; and they bring knowledge and skills in advancing the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every Board member is chosen based on their skills as well as the organization they represent. Should a member decide to leave their representing organization during their tenure, the Board position is not guaranteed to the organization which they represented.

    DJV Management Board members are expected to:

    • Be knowledgeable about diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Commit to the purpose of the DJV
    • Help advance the mission of the DJV
    • Make decisions on behalf of their agency or organization, to the extent authorized by their organization
    • Represent the interests of the DJV partners
    • Board members serve as advocates and spokespeople for the DJV’s mission
    • Participate on monthly calls and meet at least once (1) a year and up to four (4) times per year at locations
    • Serve a three-year term

  • DJV Management Board Vacancies

    The DJV seeks nominations for individuals to fill eight (8) vacancies on the DJV Management Board. Your organization must be a DJV Partner to qualify for Board membership. If your organization is not currently a DJV Partner, by submitting the DJV Board application, you are jointly applying for Board membership and partnership. Note that Board members serve a 3-year term at the individual level, whereas partner organizations enter a continuous partnership with the DJV. If you are not selected as a Board member, your organization may still be accepted as a DJV Partner.