Representatives from Diversity Joint Venture partner organizations gather for the 2018 DJV Annual Meeting at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


Learn More About the Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation

Our Core Values

Our Mission

To strengthen the conservation workforce by increasing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Who We Are

The Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation (DJV) is a partnership of federal and state agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and professional societies that work together to increase the number of women and people of color in the conservation workforce.

Conservation positions preserve and protect natural resources. Such jobs emphasize the sciences but can also include research, management, policy, and interpretative expertise. The DJV uses new and existing programs to support women and people of color obtain conservation focused jobs.

What We Do

DJV efforts include introducing students and potential employees to the conservation field, providing resources to individuals to find internships and jobs in the conservation workforce, advising employers about recruitment and hiring practices, and supporting opportunities for career growth and development.

By doing so, the DJV Partners will support conservation organizations attract, recruit, and retain a new, dynamic cadre of diverse employees whose fresh insights and perspectives will increase productivity in the conservation workplace.

The Case for Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion

For the purposes of the Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation (DJV), diversity includes gender, race, ethnicity, and age, as well as religion, disability, and sexual orientation.  It also includes personal characteristics such as knowledge, ideas, communication style, life experiences, and cultural background. By increasing diversity, the DJV will strengthen the conservation workforce.  

A diverse workforce improves outcomes through increased creativity, problem-solving, innovation, and performance. By aiming to reflect U.S. demographics, a diverse workforce can channel an increasingly diverse country to support conservation efforts politically, morally, and financially.

Engaging difference improves individual and organizational understanding of and relationships with diverse communities and engages the next generation of conservationists. And finally, increasing diversity is the right thing to do.

Equity means the creation of opportunities for historically underrepresented populations of employees to have equal access to jobs, professional growth opportunities, and advancement that close the demographic disparities in all parts of the workforce.  Equity levels the playing field of historical and institutional behaviors that can hinder access to the conservation profession. The DJV will increase equity in the conservation workforce.

An inclusive work environment treats individuals fairly and with respect, provides equal access to opportunities and resources, and contributes fully to the organization’s success.  Inclusion is when employees feel respected, valued for who they, and feel supported so that they can do their best at work. A shift in an organization’s culture to engage each individual leads to success.  


The Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation (DJV) is governed by a Management Board that is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the Partners.  The work of the DJV starts with the partners providing input to develop activities that support the goals of the Partnership, which is then considered by the Board to select specific activities to pursue, and then the Partners plan and implement the activities.  A Coordinator oversees the management of the DJV. A Charter provides the organizational framework and outlines the governance of the Venture (click here for a copy of the Charter).

Board Members

Rickey Frierson

Colorado State University

Susan Bonfield

Environment for the Americas

Sangita Chari

National Park Service

David Buggs

  • Texas Park and Wildlife

Jajean Rose-Burney

Jocotoco Conservation Foundation

Jamila Blake

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Tracy Rittenhouse

University of Connecticut

Krista Capps

University of Georgia

Shannon Smith

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Mara-Lynne Payne

The Tennessee Aquarium

Barbara Gonzalez McIntosh

Student Conservation Association

How to Join the DJV as a Partner Organization

Participation in the Diversity Joint Venture for Careers in Conservation (DJV) is open to federal and state agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, professional societies, and conservation related organizations whose activities may directly or indirectly affect diversity in the conservation workforce.  

The primary consideration in member recruitment is attracting employees from organizations or individuals who best serve the DJV goals and contribute to high-functioning involvement.  New partners are nominated by an existing Partner, petitioned by a new organization, or recruited by the Management Board and then the new partner is invited to participate after approval is provided by a simple majority vote of the Management Board. 

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